A member of DOVE Group of Companies , is a major manufacturer and supplier of mining, minerals processing, rock reduction and aggregate technology, packaged in a wide range of Products & Technical Services, all under one roof for the Planning, Exploration, Development and Exploitation of Non Fuel Mineral Resources, covering the total Life Cycle of your Mining Project. DOVE supplies machinery, equipment and accessories for surface mining of Primary (Hard Rock) deposits, as well as Secondary (Placer) deposits. DOVE supplies equipment and machineries for Extraction, Recovery and Processing, of Diamonds, Color Gemstones, Gold and other Precious Metals, Base Metals, Ferrous Metals, Light Metals, Sand, Gravel, and Coal.

DOVE is Asia's major Manufacturer & Supplier of the largest range of Mining, Minerals processing, Rock reduction, Aggregates, Earth Moving, and Construction Equipment and Accessories. With over 35 years of manufacturing experience, DOVE Mining Equipment & Machineries has established a proven history of reliability and performance around the Globe. Our Equipment are designed & built for highest yield of minerals recovery, with highest Quality and workmanship. With the Manufacturing and supply of the Top Quality Machinery & Equipment, Packaged with a wide range of Technical Services, Competitively Priced,DOVE is the most Effective Partner to supply your mining operation requirements.


DOVE shall expand Global Leadership in Surface Mining Technology, through an unrelenting focus on Customer Satisfaction and Technical Excellence, as our clients are the most crucial element of our enterprise. A strong desire to meet our client's needs continues to provide us with the impetus to challenge traditional mineral recovery methods and capitalize on new technologies, to improve your Mining Project Performance, there by making you more competitive in the market place. We are dedicated to give you the ultimate in service and support.


DOVE Equipment & Machinery Co. Ltd., is a major Manufacture & Supply of a complete range of Integrated Minerals Processing Plants and Accessories with ore through put capacities ranging from 2 Tons/Hour to over 1,000 Tons/Hour of solids. These processing plants are configured in Various configurations of Portable or Semi Permanent gravity separation Plants, Dry Processing plants, Floating Plants, Crushing & Grinding plants Designed for either Mechanical Extraction Methods or Aqueous Extraction Methods. DOVE product range also includes; full range of Trommels/Revolving screens, Classifiers, Concentrators, Concentrating Tables, Jigs Separators, Grizzly Feeders, Pan feeders, Static feeders, Ore Feed Stations, Hoppers, Conveyors, Centrifugal Pumps, Flood Lifters, Slurry Pumps, Jaw Crushers, Cone Crushers, Impact Breakers, Swings Hammers, Ball mills, Screeners, Pipes, Steel Structures and Generators. DOVE is a major supplier of Compressors and a full range of Earth Moving and Construction Equipment. All Equipment Manufactured by DOVE carry a one year standard DOVE Manufacturer Warranty. In addition to the above, DOVE Manufacture & Supply a large range of Laboratory Equipment, Instruments and Accessories for test and identifications of precious gemstones, metals and minerals.


Today, the brand of DOVE represents a substantial number of divisional companies that led in 1990 to the formation of the DOVE GROUP of Companies. DOVE portfolio mirrors global representation in over 30 countries with over 45 years in Research, Product development and Manufacturing expertise.

DOVE brand signifies a business concept, which amounts to technological excellence incorporated in unique range of products, manufactured with highest quality of standards, combined with exceptional service and yet with competitive pricing structure. Over the years this business philosophy became the main driving force behind the exceptional growth of the DOVE Group of Companies.

Whilst the specific discipline and the area of the expertise of each core company within the DOVE Group of companies is different, however combining the knowledge and expertise of the core companies give DOVEGroup a unique range of capabilities, which intern supports each core company to provide better products, and higher quality of service to the related industries. These capabilities have allowed DOVE Group to cross the technological frontiers and challenge the traditional methods and achieve technical excellence.


  • Manufacturer and supplier of machinery, equipment and expertise for surface mining of Diamonds, Gold, Base metals, Ferrous metals, etc.
  • Manufacturer and supplier of crushing, grinding and material handling equipment for mining and aggregate industries.
  • Supplier of Earth Moving & Construction Equipment and Accessories.
  • Manufacturer and Supplier of Laboratory Equipment & Instruments for test and identification of precious stones, metals and minerals.
  • Supplier of Full Range of Technical Services for Exploration & Exploitation of Mineral resources.



Manufacturer & Supply of precious gemstones, Gold & Silver Jewelry products to the International Market.

  • Supply Precious & Semi Precious Gemstone.
  • Supply Gold Jewelry (18K & 22K).
  • Supply Sterling Silver (92.5%) Jewelry.



  • Mining, Exploration and Exploitation of precious stones, precious and semi precious metals.
  • Supply Metal Concentrate
  • Supply Industrial minerals.


  • Manufacturer of high technology for production of Bio-Fuels (Biodiesel, Ethanol and Biogas) and value added products.
  • Manufacturer of Micro-Organic products aimed at elimination & Purging of viruses, bacterium and Fungi, without any chemical side effects to human, animals and environment.
  • Manufacturer of Micro-Organic products, for remediation of polluted waters, purification of potable water, common city waste water and highly toxic waste waters of factories and industries.


The latest addition to DOVE Group of companies is a manufacturer and supplier of Biodiesel (B100) and value added products and derivatives of organic oils ( i.e., Glycerine, Waxes and Carotenoid), for the Thai and international market. DOVE OIL intends to become a sustainable producer of competitively priced Biodiesel and to meet the growing demand for green transport fuel in Thailand and international market. DOVE OIL is registered in Thailand, with production facilities located just west of Bangkok.


P.T.K & I Industries Co., Ltd.
The scientific research and development arm of DOVE BIOTECH, with head office and other facilities located in Thailand. The company since 1998 has been involved in Research and Development in:

  • Bio energy & technology for renewable fuels (Biodiesel & Ethanol), and value- added products, for recovery and production of derivatives of organic oils ( i.e., Glycerine, Fertilizer, waxes, Carotenoid, alpha & beta carotene, lycopene, tocopherols, tocotrienols and full-spectrum vitamin E).
  • Organic disinfectants (Antiviral & Antibacterial), for destruction of viruses (i.e., Bird-Flu, Tuberculosis, etc.), gram positive and gram negative bacterium ( i.e., Anthrax, Streptococcus, etc.) fungi and molds.
  • Organic solutions to water purification & treatment, for potable water, swimming pools, city industrial waste water treatment, for replacement of Chlorine and other highly dangerous chemical disinfectants.
  • Organic solutions addressing undesirable pathogens in fish farming and creating a Probiotics effect to prevent bacterial diseases, as a replacement for antibiotics and chemical disinfectants.
  • Organic solutions for cleanup of oil spills.
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