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DOVE™ is a major manufacturer of high quality Hydraulic Monitors (Hydraulic Canons), for mining and other industries. DOVE hydraulic monitors are efficiently used within the mining industry for various applications, including:

  • Hydraulic mining, for reprocessing the tailings and waste, or for moving the tailings to a different location.
  • Hydraulic Extraction, for process of excavating and transporting coal or other material, by water.
  • Ore excavation, by utilizing high-pressure jet of water, to the dumping site.
  • Hydraulic Elevator, for lifting gravel and sand to the drainage level in the gold mine, where the water pressure create a powerful suction in a dump hopper and caries the gravel and sand to the processing plant.
  • Hydraulic discharge, to direct discharge of surface water from the saturation zone and drainage.
Leader in Hydraulic Monitors/ Hydraulic Canon

DOVE™ Hydraulic Mining Monitors are most efficient way for WATER-LOGISTICS, to put water where you want it-when you want it.

Hydraulic Monitors are exclusively designed, in order to balances the water pressure within the gun itself, to a degree that provides perfect one-man control, regardless of the volume of water being handled.

Hydraulic Monitors are fabricated with highest quality material, and the most competitive pricing.

Hydraulic Monitors are remarkably flexible and easy to use.

Monitors are Compact and relatively lightweight, they can be easily moved from one location to another, mounted on a truck, attached to a tower, attached to the side of the slurry dump hopper, or simply put on the ground with stand.
The exclusive balance design of DOVE Monitors allows the monitor, regardless of its size, volume, or pressure to easily moved both horizontally and vertically, which results in less strain on drive components.
The unique design of DOVE monitors allows the unit to maintain the position it is being aimed. Literally hundreds of horsepower of water pumping capacity can be handled by a touch of the finger.

brings you the very best in Hydraulic Monitor packages ranging from manual/ hand held to large stationary Monitors, to service the following Applications:

  • Mining
  • Workboat/fireboat
  • Wastewater
  • Chemical/petrochemical
  • Pulp and paper
  • Oil refining
  • Water truck- off road/on road

inch mm inch mm kg lb inch mm inch mm
HM-HS207 MANUAL HAND HELD / STATIONARY 11 280 2.2 56 0.4 0.9 2 50 3/4 19
HM-HS210 MANUAL HAND HELD / STATIONARY 8 205 2.2 56 0.4 0.9 2 50 1 25
HM-S415 SEMI-AUTOMATIC STATIONARY 47 1200 24 610 80 177 4 100 1.5 40
HM-S420 SEMI-AUTOMATIC STATIONARY 47 1200 24 610 80 177 4 100 2 50
HM-S425 SEMI-AUTOMATIC STATIONARY 47 1200 24 610 80 177 4 100 2.5 63
HM-S830 SEMI-AUTOMATIC STATIONARY 51 1300 28 700 90 198 8 203 3 76
HM-S840 SEMI-AUTOMATIC STATIONARY 51 1300 28 700 90 198 8 203 4 101
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